FOMO. I must admit that I didn't know this acronym. When a good friend recently used this phrase in an email to me, I had to open a new tab and Google it. Of course. FOMO. Fear OF Missing Out.  You know, that sense that you *should* be going to this event, you *should* be reading this book, you *should be doing something. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

After many years of being in business, I know all about FOMO. I knew it before it was an acronym I could Google. I knew before there was a Google. I've seen it trip up and tear down so many people in business, and in life. FOMO makes us take on to much, or say yes to things that are not right for us. FOMO makes us buy things we don't really need or attend an event we don't really want to be at. FOMO can soak up your budget until there is nothing left. FOMO can drain out all your energy.

How to deal with FOMO?

One word - focus. Also, know yourself. Ok then, 4 words. Focus, and know yourself. Know what your goals are for your franchised business, or your career. Be specific. And then be focused on that. Every time an opportunity or an event comes along, check in with yourself and answer these 3 questions:

  1. Does this serve the needs of my franchise business? 
  2. Does this show up on my operating manual, business plan, and budget?
  3. Do I truly want this, in my heart; not because I feel I should want this?

If you answer yes to all 3, then say yes. Say Yes.

If you answer no to 1 or more of these, then think it through. Talk to someone in franchise support who is there to help you. Wait a day, and go through the 3 questions again. Make sure you are not catching a case of the FOMOs. Focus on your own path, to reach your own goals.